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delegate lee ware A welcome message from Delegate Lee Ware

Welcome to the webpage made available to citizens of the 65th House District by the many constituent-members of "Friends of Lee Ware".

It is a privilege and a sacred trust to represent your interests in the House of DelegatesThank you, too, for your attention to the work of the oldest representative legislature in the Western Hemisphere, as evidenced by your visit to our webpage.

In addition to casting votes on your behalf, I am pleased to be able to assist you with the many agencies of state government. I welcome your calls for help or advice, and I welcome, too, your recommendations about legislation before the House.

There are two ways to reach me—in addition to a letter via the U.S. Postal Service.

One way: send me an email to Email is reviewed throughout the day—and also on evenings and Saturdays—and every effort is made to respond promptly.

Alternately: call my office voicemail at (804) 598-6696. We do our level-best to respond to calls on the day a message is received and invariably are able to call you back within twenty-four hours.

As no doubt you know, Virginia's legislators serve on a part-time basis. When we are in Session, during January and February (and sometimes for half of March), you will want to reach me at the General Assembly Building: (804) 698-1065. Because legislators have full-time assistance during Session, your calls are answered immediately during regular business hours.

Links identified elsewhere on the webpage offer you access to the whole range of information available from the legislature and from the agencies of the Commonwealth.

Again, thank you for visiting, and be assured of my best personal regards,


lee ware Hosting "An Evening on Honor" for James Bowman, author of Honor: A History, second from right, during General Assembly 2017, Delegate Ware presented copies of Mr. Bowman's book to Benedictine College Preparatory Headmaster Jesse Grapes, center-rear, and BSP Cadets, from left, Patrick Corbett, Gene Kastelberg, Luke Sykes, and Mauricio Acosta.

lee ware Enjoying a farewell supper for retiring Speaker of the House William Howell, center right, at the conclusion of the 2017 General Assembly in Richmond were, from left, Delegates Lee Ware, Steve Landes, and Terry Gilgore, Rita Irene Von Essen (Mrs. Dave Albo), Delegates Dave Albo and Rob Bell, Mr. Howell, and former Governor Bob McDonnell.

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